Copper Harbor, MI: The Furthest Spot from an Interstate in the US

Copper Harbor. I’ve been there a couple times. Both with snow and without snow. With snow, it can get pretty brutal. I guess I didn’t have to worry about snow on this current visit in the middle of the summer. The weather was actually really nice. One thing I didn’t realize about Copper Harbor is it’s the furthest spot in the USA from an interstate. I found this crazy when I first read it. I had been up there a few times before and knew it was all two-lane highways. With this, however, I would have thought somewhere out in the Western US or in Alaska would have got the honors. I guess I was wrong. The nearest interstate to Copper Harbor is I39 in Rothschild, WI. It is around 250 miles (400km) away. Ironically, when I drive from Marshfield, I drive right through Rothschild. From there it’s mainly US highways the rest of the way. Eventually, you get to the beginning\end of US-41. Unless you want to take a logging trail, that’s the furthest US-41 will take you. Populations like to gather around interstates and main roads. As you can imagine it gets very rural fast. There’s only a few small towns to pass through and only mom and pop joints along the way. The roads get narrower and curvier as you approach denser forest. The cell phone reception is minimal. It’s a huge step away from city life. Traffic jams are caused by logging trucks and not population density. I took a bunch of pictures just north of the Keweenaw Waterway Scenic Turnout on my way to Copper Harbor. I also took pictures in Copper Harbor. As you can see it’s very relaxing and very scenic. It’s definitely an awesome place to visit if you want to be far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.