Pasties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The pasty has become the regional dish of the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. In many ways, it is a cross between a pot pie and a sandwich. The inside is filled with meat and vegetables and then baked. This gives a nice dense inside and a bread-like outside. The pasty has roots in Cornwall, England. It was adopted by the many ethnic groups that settled the UP during the mineral boom of the late 1800’s. While those industries have dwindled down, the pasty has remained a staple. I like to get my pasties from Pat’s Foods in Hancock. It seems I always hit Hancock around lunch time when taking trips up to Copper Harbor. Beside’s Pat’s Foods there are plenty of other places in the UP to get them. I just seem to always find myself in the deli at Pat’s Foods.

The pasty is wrapped in foil to keep it warm.

It is very dense and filling.

I always try to get at least one pasty while in the UP. It’s just one of those local things you can’t pass up!