Gay, Michigan

When glossing over a map of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I saw a town named Gay. Now Gay has had several different meanings over the years. The most current meaning is really what caught my attention. “Why would they name a town Gay?” I did some research and found out it was named after Joseph E. Gay. He is one of the founders of some local mining companies that brought industry to the area. While that industry has since declined, the town of Gay has prevailed. It is very small, but it contains a bar, a school turned museum, and the remnants of an old mill. It also has first through fifth streets. To get there you have to turn down Gay Road. It’s a bit of a drive, but is tucked nicely on Lake Superior. I first visited the bar and then rode around and did a little more exploring. The museum ended up being closed, but I got a decent amount of pictures of the surrounding area.