River Inn, Wisconsin Dells, WI

This hotel blog entry is going to be a little different than other hotel blog entries. I didn’t spend much time at this place at all since I was in Wisconsin Dells for a bachelor party. I mainly got my parking pass and then we had a few beers in the room before hitting downtown. We came back and went to bed and then got up fairly early. I basically spent enough time in this hotel to grab a few pictures. Overall, River Inn is nice. It’s tucked right on the Wisconsin River and is a short walk from Downtown Wisconsin Dells. The location was perfect for us to walk back and forth after hitting up the bars. The suite we got was spacious and it had 2 beds and a bunk bed. It was a nice place to crash after a night of partying. The following are the pictures I took in the little amount of time I was actually at the hotel and not sleeping. If I visit Wisconsin Dells again, I know this will be a good place to stay and maybe spend some more time at.