Wednesday Weekly August 15: Wisconsin Dells for a Bachelor Party

This week I'm in Wisconsin. My buddy has his bachelor party last weekend and this weekend is his wedding. As you read this, I should be on my way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to do some exploring up there.

If you want to read ahead, here are all the new places I visited this week:

Otherwise, the story continues when I left Austin and it was partly cloudy and humid.

I stopped by 7-11 to gas up and get some breakfast. Thankfully, the bank wasn't getting robbed next door like last time.

My GPS had me take I-35E to Dallas and then US75 up instead of I-35W to Fort Worth. The weather was clear until slightly north of Dallas. From there, the heavens came down. Honestly, I wish this rain would have went further south to Austin, where it is also needed.

In Oklahoma, things cleared up. Before I knew it, I was in Northern Missouri chomping down on pizza from Casey's.

The sun started to set and somehow I made it all the way to Wisconsin. I decided to sleep at the rest stop and continue my drive in the morning.

Jordy went nuts the second I opened the door.

I got a good night's sleep and then went into town. I took the cover off the Cougar and then visited with my grandma.

The next day, I went to Wausau to pick up my tux for the wedding. My dad rode along. We then went back and took the Cougar out for a ride.

Saturday morning, I had coffee on the porch with my parents. It was actually nice to sit outside for a change. Summer mornings in Wisconsin are much cooler than Texas.

After coffee, I was on the way to Wisconsin Dells for the bachelor party.

Our first stop was MACS Macaroni and Cheese Shop. I was completely stuffed with my Taco Mac.

The next stop was River Inn to drop our cars off. We weren't able to check in, but they let us park all our cars in one place.

This was nice because we then packed into a few cars and went to play some laser tag at Fort Dells Laser OPS Compound.

I was one of the people driving so I really didn't hit the cooler of beer. I was so full anyway.

The running around in the hot sun definitely wore me out and told me how out of shape I am. I did have a great time. A great and sweaty time. We made it back to the hotel and had a few beers in the room. From there we took a Lyft to Port Huron Brewing Company.

We had a few beers there and waited for the same Lyft driver to pick us up. In the meantime a trolly came by. I wonder what it would take to rent this as a party bus.

Our Lyft took us back to the hotel. Not driving, I got to snap a few pictures of Wisconsin Dells along the way.

We walked from the hotel to downtown, which was only a couple blocks away. The sun was starting to set on the Wisconsin River.

Since our group was big enough, we required two vehicles and got split up. We met up at Monk's Bar & Grill.

After Monk's things got a little fuzzy. We were in and out of each crowded bar after a drink or two. Drinking in Wisconsin Dells during tourist season is like drinking in Madison during school.

was our next stop, followed by Showboat.

We then headed to some beach themed outdoor bar that I can't remember the name of.

Once again, we were back at THE BAR for a drink and were quickly back out walking towards the hotel.

Along the way, we found a place called Bud Hut. This bar was a much needed bread of the hustle and bustle of downtown. It was quiet enough we could actually carry a conversation out without yelling. There were even seats available for all of us to sit.

After Bud Hut, it was a short walk back to the hotel. I can definitely tell we're getting old since we were back and ready to go to bed by 12:30am. We definitely didn't close the bars down this time! This was good because the next morning, the hangover wasn't too bad as we got breakfast at The Keg & Patio.

Breakfast was good and I was back to Marshfield, where I currently am writing this. The bachelor party was fun and I'm sure the wedding is going to be just as much fun. Hopefully I'll have a few more cool things to report back next week from my visit to the UP.

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