Wednesday Weekly August 8: Go-Kart Racing and a Trip to Waco

I hung around Austin the last week and kept getting things in order. As you read this, I will be driving up to Wisconsin for a friend's wedding. Last Friday, Victoria did our Friday lunch date at Which Wich. I got the Brunchwhich.

The 2007 Focus has had some issues with overheating lately. I'm thinking it's the thermostat, but the car ran hot when I took it out for a test drive.

I left the 2007 Focus sit. On Saturday, Victoria and I first raced at K1 Speed and then went to Flyrite Chicken for lunch.

After that, we wanted to go to a place called in.gredients, which was a package-free grocery store. I say was because when we tried pulling up directions on Google Maps, it showed to be closed. We instead took a road trip to Waco, stopping at Buc-ee's in Temple for a pit stop.

Our first Waco stop was the Dr. Pepper Museum. It was packed but I was able to fight the crowds and learn a few cool things about Dr. Pepper.

All this talk about Dr. Pepper gave me a craving for another food product, cheese. We headed to Brazos Valley Cheese so I could satisfy my cheese fix.

The cheese held me over well, but we planned to get BBQ later that night. We wanted to kill some time so we started looking for free places to go. It appeared we could go to the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

The only thing listed that you had to pay for was a guided tour. I figured we could look at things without a guide. When we got there, we found out you had to get a guided tour to see the actual exhibit. Walking around the park itself was free so we did that a little bit in the hot sun.

Our plan was to get BBQ in Temple. I decided to take US 77 and then TX-53 instead of the interstate.

For BBQ, we stopped at Clem Mikeska's.

The BBQ was good and we hit the road. I continued taking the back way and took TX-95 and then US 79.

On Sunday, we ate at Via 313 Pizza.

Right now I'm just getting ready to go up to Wisconsin and have also started working on the 2007 Focus. The thermostat is in a really tricky place so I have half the car torn apart to get to it.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish the Focus before going to Wisconsin, but it can sit in the garage a while. I was planning to put it there anyway while I took the 2017 Focus up to Wisconsin. I guess this is a good learning experience for me, especially trying to get to the thermostat. I'm sure there's an easier way if I had the right tools, but I guess I'll be doing it the hard way. At least this way will make it easy to recharge my AC, which also needs to be done.

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