Splitting Wood in Wisconsin

The one benefit of having so many trees around in Wisconsin is it makes a good and plentiful source of heat. Wood is actually a carbon neutral form of alternative energy and a ton of people in the Upper Midwest heat their homes with it, including my parents. My parents have a huge woodshed with an outdoor wood burner.

Growing up, we always cut a lot of wood, whether it be for camping or to heat the house. My dad had some wood to split the next morning after we were at Lindsey Bar, so we worked on getting the cut up logs split.

One interesting term in Wisconsin is the term “making wood.” In other regions people look at you funny when you say this term. It really just means cut and split wood. Usually when you say, “making wood,” it means more of the actual cutting it, but it can mean the splitting of it also. The long logs above still need to be cut and the short logs just need to be split. Obviously, for cutting wood we use a chainsaw. For splitting wood, we have a wood splitter my Grandpa built ages ago that hooks up to the tractor.

It runs off the PTO in the back of the tractor.

That drives a piston that pushes the log against a metal piece and ultimately splits the log.

After the wood is split, we throw it in the trailer that is hooked to the four wheeler.

Any “morphidite” pieces that can’t get stacked get thrown in the wheel barrow.

Sometimes my dad just parks the trailer next to the wood burner and uses it up from the trailer. When there’s more wood cut, it’s put on the big wood pile.

Eventually, the door is opened and the wood is put into the wood burner.

I definitely got my exercise for the day!