Rockin’ With the G-Man at Lindsey Bar

One distinct cultural difference between Wisconsin and Texas is the way people drink. I’ve driven through a lot of small Texas towns and it’s rare to see many bars or a country bar in the middle of nowhere. In Wisconsin, country bars are all over the place. The nearest country bar by where my parents live is the Lindsey Bar in Lindsey, Wisconsin. If you want to be technical, Lindsey is where I actually grew up and where my parents still reside. It’s just such a small town with a general store, bar, and meat processing plant, that’s it’s all encompassed in the Marshfield zip code and school district. I had driven up from Texas and got to my parent’s house around 2PM. We had decided that we were going to up to the Lindsey Bar to hear their friend and neighbor, the G-Man play.

The G-Man in action.

My dad even joined in and played with him a bit.

I just sat back enjoying my Budweiser.

The one thing about Wisconsin bars is they are unique as heck. They are very Wisconsin-oriented and also cheer on no other team than the Packers.

  Overall, it was a good time. My buddy Jake dropped by and we stayed until about 10:30-11. One thing about Wisconsin bars is you can get carry out’s. In Texas you cannot buy carry out’s from the bar. Here is the selection of carry out’s that we had.

The smallest fully boxed beer was an 18 pack so Jake and I decided to buy it and split it.

We went back to my parents and had a few more while BSing. We started planning a trip to Copper Harbor, Michigan in the near future. I know I’ll have some more adventures coming up including that so stay tuned!