Wednesday Weekly June 20: Brenham and Salado

This last week was the first week I wasn't working the contract job. The only thing I had to do was hand in my laptop and then I was set. With a pretty much open week, I had to figure out what I wanted to do. It's getting hot as heck in Texas so why not cool myself down a little bit? I decided to trip to the Blue Bell Factory in Brenham would be good to get a little cool down straight from the source.

I hit the road for Brenham. Being the caffeine addict I am, I made a pit stop at Independence Brewing Co. to get my fix.

Now you're probably thinking, "It's hot as heck in Texas and you're buying hot coffee?" I guess that's what happens when your body calls for its next hit of caffeine. Then again, who doesn't like a good cup of coffee? With the cup of coffee firmly planted in my hand, I took a short stroll in downtown Brenham.

I got back in the car, and soon I was to the Blue Bell Factory. This is where I checked a few things out and cooled down with some sea salted caramel ice cream.

After Blue Bell, I wanted to get more usage out of my Texas State Park pass. I'm really starting to question the mapping algorithms behind Google Maps and Garmin. I knew the state park was in the middle of nowhere and expected to take a Farm-to-Market road. I didn't expect to, once again, take unpaved roads. At least, this time, they were not covered in snow.

I finally arrived at Lake Somerville Nails Creek State Park.

I pretty much had the park to myself. It was peaceful and serene as I walked around and looked at the park and lake. After a while of sweating in the hot sun, I was back in the air-conditioned car.

Of course, Google maps had a hard time working, and when it did, it took me down another stupid route. I got to envy this construction worker though. I mean how he placed the vehicle to hold up the sign for him was pure genius.

It gave him plenty of time to smoke a cigarette and BS with the other guy sitting there on the equipment. He'd effectively automated his job in a low tech manner. When the truck leading the line of cars (or in this case me since this was a middle of nowhere road) came, he just waved me to follow him.

Soon I was back to US290 and the beaten (yet well-paved) path. It was smooth sailing from here. On the bright side, I also got my miles trued up to 30,000 on the 2017 Focus so I could change the oil again on Friday.

After changing oil, Victoria and I ate at Dos Batos. They make amazing tacos. Trying to do something a little different, I got a torta instead. It was just as good as their tacos!

On Saturday, Victoria and I headed to Salado. We had to do some wedding planning and decided to eat at Johnny's Steaks and BBQ afterward.

That night, we were sick and tired of the heat, so we stayed in and ate a Milwaukee-style frozen pizza. To be honest, I didn't know there was such a thing as "Milwaukee-style" pizza until I saw it in the grocery store. All-in-all it tasted like a typical frozen pizza.

On Sunday, we hit up Flyrite Chicken. This is one of our go-to places.

We had a few wedding-related errands to run. I got fitted for my suit at Men's Wearhouse.

Besides that, it's just a lot of wedding planning stuff and also getting my to-do list whittled down. The weather has been hit or miss, so I'm hoping to take a big road trip across Texas to show something unique here. You'll have to stay tuned to see what I come up with!

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