Wednesday Weekly: June 13

Last week was the final week for the contract job I picked up. I got a bonus week working since they needed me to go to Alice, TX. Little did I know I would have to visit twice, but I got some good hours in for a week I wasn't supposed to work.

To celebrate the end of the week, Victoria and I took a road trip. Being that I just got my Texas State Parks annual pass last week, I was antsy to use it.

Before heading out, we stopped at Moonie's Burger House.

We decided to head towards the Hill Country and go to Pedernales Falls State Park.

After dealing with the 100F (38C) heat, we headed to Johnson City. Johnson City was a blip on the map for us as we headed to Fredericksburg. I decided to stop at Stagecoach Stop and get some of their jerky.

On the way back, we stopped and got some peaches at Engel Orchards.

Peaches weren't the only thing we bought. Another pitstop to Hye Rum yielded us a bottle of rum.

On our way back to Austin, the clouds looked very threatening.

There was a decent storm that we somehow missed. We made it to PDQ and the sun was shining.

Before going home, we stopped at the liquor store. I found some beer made in Fredericksburg. Victoria and I now had alcohol made around the area we traveled for the day.

The next morning, we had tacos for breakfast at Torchy's.

Overall, this week was decent. I did a lot of driving with two trips to Alice as well as to Fredericksburg and back. Unless they have more work for this contract job, I can say my "summer vacation" has finally started. It'll give me a lot more time to work on this blog and also explore. Stay tuned for more adventures!

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