Wednesday Weekly: June 6

This week's Wednesday Weekly is going to be short and sweet. I know some weeks I was posting dozens of blog entries. This week it's just going to be this blog entry. Hopefully, you'll be able to catch up from the more post-heavy weeks.

While I did do an extensive amount of travel in the past week, it was just installing routers. I ended up putting on about 1000 miles going throughout Texas in a rental car. There was nothing eventful, and I just camped out in my hotel room after I got done with work.

Victoria was out of town for the weekend, so I initially just planned to hang around the apartment. I did find that that 2600 (computer security) meetup was going on Friday night, so I went to that. Saturday I decided to run some errands.

After running errands I got in touch with my friend Kyle. We both worked at TABC together, and it had been a while since we hung out. We took a little road trip to Lake Buchanan at the Llano County Park.

We drove around a bit more and ended up at Inks Lake State Park. I bought an annual state park pass (guess what I'll be doing in the foreseeable future?).

The temps were a bit high. It ended up being around 102F (39C) outside. That didn't deter me from doing a little hiking and taking a few pictures. Inks Lake is very beautiful!

After exploring those two parks, I dropped Kyle off and then went back to my apartment. I sat there and literally chilled out. It felt nice to relax in the air conditioning after being in the hot sun.

Unless I'm asked to do another site, yesterday will be my last day on this contract job. That means I'll have a little bit of time for exploring. Considering I have the Texas state park pass, I'll be hitting up a few more of those. Texas is a great state with a lot of diversity, so hopefully, I'll be able to show that as I hit up its state parks.

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