Wednesday Weekly May 30: Memorial Day Weekend

As with the last couple weeks, I've been working the contract job and helping install routers. I'm starting to travel a little bit further from Austin and see some of the countryside. It's given me a few ideas on places to travel in the near future when the project completes.

For the week itself, it was very uneventful. I installed the routers and then just went home. Being that last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, I ended up getting Friday off also. This allowed me to have a four day weekend.

I kicked that Friday off by going to Culver's with Victoria for our Friday lunch date. It was good getting a taste of Wisconsin in Texas!

Being that it was Memorial Weekend, I decided to try some Pabst APA. The box was very patriotic.

On Saturday, Victoria and I headed to College Station. We planned to visit her mom's grave and put some flowers there.

It was very hot when we got to the Bryan-College Station area!

After visiting Victoria's mom's grave, we headed to Readfield Meat and Deli.

I got to try a beef stick there, but that was just my appetizer. We then headed to Layne's for some amazing chicken fingers.

After Layne's, we stopped at HEB and got some Hamm's beer. I was finally able to find it after trying a couple of different places. I'll be blogging about it soon. I loaded my beer into the trunk and then headed to Curious Collections Vinyl Records and More.

Victoria's Uncle Craig and Aunt Kathy met us at Curious Collections. We all ended up buying a little music and then going over to Craig and Kathy's house for a while to visit. Once we got done visiting, Victoria and I headed back to Austin.

The next day Victoria and I went to Terry Black's Barbecue. We met my friend John and his wife for a late lunch. They were in Austin for a wedding, so it was perfect circumstances to meet up.

After eating, Victoria and I headed to FM 1431 and drove to Lake Buchanan. This is one of the most scenic drives I have found in the Texas Hill Country.

It was hot and we didn't have our swimming stuff, so he stayed in the air-conditioned car for the most part. I started heading back but found a scenic lookout over Lake LBJ.

The pitstop at the scenic lookout was short. We then headed back to Austin, where we actually went to bed kind of early. Driving around can definitely take the energy out of you! In the whole scheme of things, this was another uneventful week. I have another week and a half of this contract job, so I'll probably start traveling a bit more then.

I was also able to review All Spice Cafe Cayenne Habanero Sauce. If you want some fire in your mouth, this is the stuff to try out!

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