Wednesday Weekly May 23: Back to The Working Routine

This week has been very busy. With the contract job I took, part of each weekday is consumed with working. I also had to run a lot of errands and do some wedding planning. My 2007 Focus demanded some of my attention since it needed some repairs and maintenance. Needless to say, I didn’t travel much other than running around like crazy to get chores done.

This week’s Wednesday Weekly will be pretty light overall. I was able to review the following products:

Famous Dave’s Rib Rub

Chip Magnet Wild Delicious Salsa

Honestly Cranberry Dried Cranberries

I’m still in the process of consuming the other products and also making sure nothing goes to waste. Hopefully, I’ll have a bunch more reviews coming up. This upcoming long weekend should allow me to catch up. I’m hoping next week I don’t get the time suck of car repairs like I did this week.

It all started when I was going to work one morning. I saw my passenger side mirror hanging from the cord that connects the adjustment motor. I see the mirror repair I did a few years back undid itself. The mirror itself rocked back and forth enough that it wore the plastic a bit. The plastic was worn to the point the current bolt that holds the mirror to the car could no longer hold it.

When I was testing things out, I had a stroke of bad luck. The bolt itself fell into the door. I ended up having to take apart the door to find the bolt. I also had the car parked outside, and it was 90F (32C) in the hot sun. This wasn’t much fun.

I took the bolt and mirror to AutoZone and found a bolt that was fat enough to hold the mirror in place but was too long. I drove around for a couple of days without a passenger side mirror waiting for a time I could buy a new bolt. Also, I knew it could take a while to do the repair.

On my way home from a job site, I stopped at Home Depot and got the bolt I needed. I waited until Saturday morning to do my repairs. The 2007 Focus had just rolled over 260,000 miles, so I also needed to do an oil change. I did that and was able to then repair the mirror in a lot shorter time than expected.

Besides the car repairs, I’ve been trying to knock out the things that have piled up on my to-do list. There was some wedding planning stuff I had to take care of. There was also a bunch of little random things that needed to be straightened out. All the little things added up to a lot of time.

I’m halfway done with this contract job. I have completed two weeks of it and have two more remaining. After that, I’ll be blogging full time again and traveling a bit more. Besides the products reviews, I know the next two or so weeks will be light on travel. Stay tuned, as I am planning a few trips coming up!

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