Austin Trail of Lights

Victoria and I decided to go to the Austin Trail of Lights. Last year when my parents were visiting, my mom and brother went to these, but I usually don’t go to this kind of stuff.  I may like to drive long distances, but fighting traffic and crowds is not fun. Victoria had a better idea and found out that we could park at Burger Field (the field where the Dazed and Confused foot field scene was shot) and not have to fight the traffic since you could ride a shuttle to the gate.

They had a tent for the tickets for the shuttle. Interesting thing is it is $3 to get in and only an extra $2 for a shuttle. That extra $2 was definitely worth the saved hassle of fighting traffic.

After we got the tickets, we made it over to the waiting bus.

This is the first time I’ve been on a school bus in a long time.

After sitting what seemed like forever, the bus finally started moving and we were taken to where the lights were. The first noticeable thing was a big tree.

It was cool underneath it.

We had to walk a little further to get to the actual trail itself.

From the road this was a view of the rest of the lights.

We finally made it to the entrance.

There was a kind of creepy nutcracker guarding the entrance.

Walking in the entrance lights was cool.

There were a ton of different light displays. This was Where the Wild Things Are.

Here’s Santa in a Jetson’s style spaceship.

They had a lit up ambulance and utility truck.

I guess Austin Utilities has been around for a while.

The nativity scene had this huge Jesus almost as big as the other statues.

Well since it doesn’t snow in Austin, a rain cloud is more appropriate for representing winter precipitation down here.

Of course, Austin is the bat city so there had to be a light display with bats.

Alvin and the Chipmunks, Snow White, Mikey Mouse, and South Park. Interesting combination…

Some other displays.

There were several places selling what appeared to be fair food.


Of course, you have to have the Grinch.

There were a bunch of lit up trees.

There was a cowboy riding a Jackalope. Funny thing is Victoria had to explain what a Jackalope was since the mythical creature everyone looked for up North was Bigfoot.

There was this freaky looking cupcake.

We finally made it to the exit lights.

You could tell it was the sign of the times when there was signs for both Uber and Lyft.

There were signs for our return bus.

And a bus was waiting.

We did get a good selfie under the lit up tree I showed before.

I decided to wear my Wisconsin hat that I bought when I was up for Thanksgiving. Basically the next day I was going to head up to Wisconsin for a long break for Christmas and New Years.