Girlfriend's Work Christmas Party in San Antonio

If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have had a girlfriend for the past 6 months. She has come on several road trips with me and was the reason I went to the Texas A&M game. She is also the reason for this specific road trip to San Antonio. Her Christmas party for work was going to be held at the Hilton by the Riverwalk. Obviously, I was her +1.

This was a rare road trip that I didn't drive. This was nice because Austin traffic was being Austin traffic and we got caught up in a big traffic jam the second we hit I35.

A little south of Austin, things started to clear up a bit. It was pretty much smooth sailing the rest of the way to San Antonio.

We had to go on the same way you'd take to get to the Alamo.

After a little driving downtown, we finally got to the Hilton.

The line was long for the valet parking.

The hotel was pretty nice overall. This is a picture of the hallways.

The room was their standard room, but pretty nice.

We even had a balcony with chairs.

The view was nice.

But don't look down!

Not sure what was across the street, but it looked like a warehouse or something by the loading dock.

The evening and night views were even better.

The hotel was definitely a lot fancier than what I'm used to. This bar of soap was the weirdest shape I've ever seen for hotel soap.

The light by the bed was a bit fancy. I remember my girlfriend remarking about it, so I snapped a quick picture.

The elevator was weird as heck. You had to push on a touchscreen outside of the elevators to which floor you wanted to go on, and then it would tell you which elevator car to get into.

Before the dinner, we went over to one of her coworker's rooms and had a drink before going to the hall her company had rented. We then went and got some grub at the actual party. The food there was pretty amazing. I should have grabbed some pictures, but I guess it's just a good memory in my head. I'm sure they're used to making good food as the Hilton is where rich people stay. I stay at La Quinta's for work or, if I'm not sleeping in my car, Motel 6.

After the official party, there was an after party. I wanted to get some beer, so I had to walk a ways on the Riverwalk to find a CVS to buy some beer. It wasn't too much fun trying to navigate through the tourists, but I made my way through.

After I got the beer, we went to the same coworker's hotel room to party a little more before everyone hit the Riverwalk. This time there was a bunch more of my girlfriend's coworkers there. The beer I bought was Budweiser, and I jokingly told a story about how in PBL they used to call me Diesel because I drank Budweiser, and when I went up on stage, you could hear the Wisconsin section chanting Diesel. Well, that nickname was revived, and they were calling me Diesel there.

When we hit the Riverwalk, I switched from diesel to Lonestar.

Her coworkers were definitely a lot of fun. We had a blast at the couple bars we were to. It was also awesome seeing the Riverwalk.

One interesting thing is San Antonio is at the top of the Valley. The Valley is just like Mexico in a lot of ways, and the clubs played just as much Spanish dance music as they did English dance music. The next day we slept in a bit. It was a while wait for the valet to bring the car.

After we got the car, we decided to get some Taco Cabana for some brunch.

But most of all, we got a good picture the night before on the Riverwalk that I could set as my profile picture.

It was definitely a fun time in San Antonio. It was also nice sitting as a passenger for once. I'll have more adventures to come when I go up to Wisconsin for Christmas. Hopefully, the roads aren't as treacherous as they were last time for Thanksgiving.

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