Wednesday Weekly: May 2 Down to Madison and Up to Duluth

I'm writing this week's Wednesday Weekly from my hotel room in Canada. I'll write about the Thunder Bay portion of my trip next week. I did so many things in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Last Monday, I sat at home all day working on my blog preparing last week's Wednesday Weekly. Most people think travel blogging is all fun and games, but there's a lot of work to it. After working all day, I did go to the Eagles Club for a steak feed. The steak makes a good treat after a long day of work!

After eating steak, I visited my grandma. My Cougar is stored in her garage. I did get a chance to visit it and take a quick look. There's still too much salt on the road for me to take it out yet.

When I got home, I did some more work on the blog. I went to bed and got up the next morning. My mom and I planned to go to Madison. I needed to continue my grocery shopping. We hit the road, and our first stop was Woodman's. We then hit up Costco followed by Milio's for lunch. Our last stop was Whole Foods. I did a little bit of cruising around Madison to see how much stuff had changed since I last lived there in 2010.

Later Tuesday night I visited my other grandma and then got a car wash.

On Wednesday, it was time to get ready to head north. To save a little bit of money, I figured I'd stop in Duluth and burn some of my remaining La Quinta Returns points. I got up early to say goodbye to my parents before they went to work. I then did my laundry and packed everything up. Jordy kept me company.

My laundry was done quick, and it was time to hit the road. The temps were still a bit chilly, but most of the snow that was there when I got to Wisconsin had melted.

I hit the road for Duluth. I stopped at Kwik Trip and got some money and food. I then hit the road.

Soon I was in Minong. I quickly drove past the Jack Link's factory and headed to Henson's Country Foods to pick up some cheap Jack Link's.

I fed my wild side, and Duluth was my next destination.

My first planned stop was Electric Fetus. Electric Fetus is a very quirky music store right downtown. On my way walking to Electric Fetus, I was also able to check out the skywalk.

I then went closer to the water. I ended up spending a bunch of time milling around in Canal Park. There were so many things to explore, and I only scratched the surface. In the time I was there, I hit up the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, Aerial Lift Bridge, the shipping pier, Northern Waters Smokehaus, and the I Love Duluth store.

My final destination was the La Quinta. I ended up staying there the night and heading up the Thunder Bay the next day. I filled up my cooler full of the local products I bought. Right now I can only physically consume so many things at once, so my reviews will be on a future Wednesday Weekly. Hopefully, you enjoy this Wednesday Weekly, and there's a lot more good things to come next week including the Canadian portion of my trip.

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