Grocery Shopping and Hanging Around Marshfield

Grocery shopping. That's was literally the primary reason for my visit to Marshfield. I know people give me crap for driving some far distance to get a cheeseburger. In a lot of ways, I will drive long distances for random stuff, including just to go grocery shopping.

I hadn't been to Marshfield since last October, so I was overdue anyway. My first stop was Festival Foods.

I bought some food from the deli at Festival. I decided to visit my grandma and then eat what I bought. Before I went inside, I was amazed by all the snow piled up next to the trash can. This is April have you!

I ate my ham wrapped pickles, ham sandwiches, and wash it down with a Sprecher's Root Beer.

After visiting my grandma for a while, my next stop was Pick 'n Save. There were huge snow piles in their parking lot too.

A little down the road from Pick 'n Save was Marshfield Mercantile. They even had a few local products there.

I hit up all the grocery stores I wanted to for my visit. I then visited with my other grandma. Later that night, I headed to the Chestnut Center for the Arts. My brother's band, Husky Trumpet, was playing there.

My friends Mike, Jesse, and Chad came to hang out and listen to my brother's band also. My parents were also there. After Husky Trumpet was done playing, me, Mike, Jesse, and Chad headed to Nutz Deep.

My brother eventually stopped by also. I nursed a beer there and stayed a while. Afterward, Mike and I decided to check out Goodfella's because we heard they had a band or karaoke. They didn't, so we swung by Kwik Trip and got something to eat. We then went to Stratford to see what Kuyoth had on his lot. Because of the snow, there wasn't much.

The next day I hung out with Jake. We went to Five-O-One and got some food. His fiancee was having her bridal shower at his parent's house, so his dad and uncle tagged along with us.

After eating, we headed back to Jake's parents' house. We sat on the deck and enjoyed the good weather. The snow was melting fast. Soon after, I headed out and swung by good ole Rufie. His snow plowing days are over for the time being.

His truck is shot, but he somehow found a $450 car to drive. We took a cruise around town and checked out a bunch of stuff. I even got to see another one of my buddies named Mike. It was nice being able to see everyone.

The next day I met up with another buddy named Jake. He had recently moved back from North Dakota, and I hadn't seen him in years. We met at Jack's and BSed a while.

The weather itself has become nicer and nicer. The snow is rapidly melting, and you can definitely see the ditches filled up.

The rest of the time I spent at my parent's house. I needed to start trying the local products I bought and writing the blog entries. I dedicated all of Monday to writing and not exploring. Jordy made sure to keep me company.

I would say the Marshfield part of my grocery shopping trip has been successful. Once I have tried all the local products, I'll let you know what I think. Marshfield has been nice so far, and the weather is great for this time of year. Luckily, I didn't come a week earlier when they were getting record-breaking snow.

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