Engagement Pictures in College Station

With engagement comes engagement pictures. It had been a while since Victoria said yes, so we needed to plan a time to take our engagement pictures. We decided that College Station would be a good place to take the pictures. Victoria knew the area well from going to Texas A&M. It was also a halfway point for our photographer, Briana. Briana is also going to be the Maid of Honor at our wedding.

We hit the road for College Station. Victoria was driving this time.

For a pit stop, we stopped in Thrall. I was looking for something to eat and found some El Norteno jerky. I had discovered this locally-made jerky previously at the Austin Rodeo.

After out short stop, we hit the road again. There were a lot of Bluebonnets in bloom.

We were soon in Bryan!

Our first stop was Papa Perez. This is where we would meet Briana and eat lunch.

After eating, we headed downtown to take some pictures. Briana got her camera ready.

After Downtown Bryan, we headed to College Station. We planned to take a few pictures on the Texas A&M campus.

Our final picture destination was Research Park.

It was starting to get hot and we were getting sweaty. After a few good pictures, we figured it wasn't worth trying to take any more pictures. We then headed over the way of David's Bridal so Victoria could pick up her wedding dress.

Since I wasn't allowed the see the dress, I was dropped off at Wings 'N More. I sat at the bar and had a beer.

It took a lot shorter than Victoria had anticipated. Briana and her made their back to Wings 'N More. After I finished my beer we headed back to Briana's car. She needed to get going to back to Houston. Victoria and I then went to her grandparent's house. Her aunt and uncle also came over and we headed back to Downtown Bryan.

The restaurant we chose to go to was Caffe Capri.

We had a good meal at Caffe Capri and then headed back to Victoria's grandparent's house. We figured we better hit the road back for Austin, as it was getting late. We said our goodbyes and off we went.

It was nice getting engagement pictures checked off of our to do list. We did get some good pictures and are currently in the process of sorting through them. Briana did a good job and we'll have some tough choices with choosing the select few pictures. It was also nice seeing Victoria's grandparents and aunt and uncle. The two places we ate at were good. We got our Mexican food and Italian food fixes in the same day. There is definitely a lot to offer in the Bryan\College Station area, so I have a feeling I'll be back soon to explore more!

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