Deep South Trip Day 8: From Florida to South Carolina and In Between

Day 8 of my Deep South trip started before the sunrise. I got up, cleaned up, and hit the road before the rush hour traffic of Jacksonville would start.

I beat rush hour traffic, and before you know it, I was leaving Florida and driving into Georgia. We all know Georgia is the land of the many stand-alone minimum speed limit signs.

I drove to a McDonalds around Savannah to eat breakfast and get my bearings. The wifi was decent, and I could see it was going to be a nice day.

I hit the road and headed to Tybee Beach. I had to drive through Savannah. It actually reminded me of driving through Winnipeg. There are a lot of narrow streets and lanes that just end. It's kind of miserable, to be honest. The town itself looked nice, so I could see it being nice to visit if you didn't have the fight the roads.

I finally made it to Tybee Beach. I parked the car and walked around.

I knew I had to hit the road to stay on schedule. After Tybee Beach, it was off to South Carolina.

Of course, I wanted to make good time. The train that held up traffic next to the closed lane and construction had something else in mind. Couple this with a merging expressway in the same spot and it was an epic traffic jam where I sat there for a long time.

After what seemed like forever, I was finally moving. Off to South Carolina! Not before another pass through the narrow streets of Savannah, GA! It did not take long before I was actually in South Carolina.

I got an interesting surprise along my route. I went past Parris Island, SC. I got to drive past one of the places they do basic training for the US Marines.

After that, it was more driving.

I finally made it to Folly Beach, SC! I parked the car and took a walk around.

After Folly Beach, I decided I'd hit the interstates and make some better time. The beaches were starting to become more crowded and expensive. I figured I'd start going inland towards Charlotte, NC. I ended up catching some nice colors of the sunset along the way and then hitting up a Subway. I then found another rest stop along the way to sleep the night.

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