Deep South Trip Day 3: Saying Goodbye to Lafayette and Heading East

My aunt and uncle were going to give me a nice send off before I headed east. They planned a huge breakfast and invited everyone over. They started cooking everything. The first thing cooked was my uncle's homemade venison bacon.

For an appetizer, we had salmon with cream cheese on a bagel.

There were also mimosas available. Unlike the day before, I did not have a designated driver. I passed on having one.

Soon, the biscuits went in the oven.

While they were baking, my cousin Shannon's husband Neil whipped up some grits.

Then came the eggs.

I loaded my plate with a little bit of everything.

Everything was really good! I was happy to try some legit grits. Being that I grew up in Wisconsin, grits aren't a thing. The only time I tried them was out of a box. In my opinion, they were horrible out of the box. This is why I never had them again until now. I'm happy I did try them again because now I know what they're supposed to taste like.

We sat outside, and it was pretty nice. There were a few clouds in the sky but nothing too threatening.

A little while later, I got the tour of Sam's Kamp K-9. I followed the doggie paw prints over to the building.

After my tour of Sam's Kamp K-9, it was time to get ready to hit the road. I had a great weekend in Lafayette, but it was time to go further east. I said goodbye to everyone and then packed up the car. I then drove off. I stopped quick to top off with gas before hitting the road.

I got some Alert gum in case I needed it. When I did try a piece, I'm not sure what kept me up more. I was debating if it was the bitter taste or the actual caffeine.

I planned to also take the back roads through Louisiana. I set my GPS to avoid highways and away I went!

I made my first gas stop and also got something to eat.

It started to get dark fast.

Before I knew it, I was in Mississippi!

I made it to Waveland, MS and decided I'd sleep in a Walmart parking lot. I parked by the RVs. The weather looked like it was going to be good for sleeping.

I then went inside and got some fake crab for a late night snack.

After eating, I cracked the windows and rolled up in my sleeping bag. I wanted to get a good night's sleep because I had a lot more driving to do the next day.

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