Exploring the Deep South

The Deep South is a very distinct place in the United States. When most people think of it, they think of twangy accents and a drawn-out drawl. They think of the slower pace of life and the kindness of Southern Hospitality. They may also think of the backwoods boys and other stereotypes made famous by shows like Duck Dynasty. Either way, it is a distinct area of the country that I have not done a ton of exploring in.

After Victoria's mom passed away in December, we had to sort through her stuff. After we had done this, there were two boxes destined for her brother Michael in Florida. We figured we'd ship them to him, but I had another idea. I wanted to see the Deep South, so I'd just take a road trip and drop the stuff off along the way.

I was planning on avoiding the interstates as much as possible and taking the back roads. My uncle lives around Lafayette, LA, so that is right along the way. I planned to leave on a Friday and then spend the weekend by him. After that, I'd start heading further east.

My next stop would be Michael's house in Port Charlotte, FL. I'd then head to Fort Pierce, FL and visit my buddy Mat. After that, I planned to head up the coast and drive up to the Carolinas. Those were two states I had not been to yet. I was planning to hit up a bunch of beaches along the way. From there I'd head inland and then head to Charlotte and finally Asheville, NC. Asheville would be my last stop before taking the interstates back to Austin.

For my type of traveling, I take stuff very impulsively (hence the name of the blog). This itinerary would be a rough estimate of where I'd go and what I'd see. It was effectively a general direction. In my next upcoming blog entries, you'll see that I changed course a little bit. Stay tuned to see all the cool places I saw while driving through the Deep South!

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