Pinballz, Austin, TX

As a kid, I loved arcades. I don’t know if it was because I grew up in the 90’s and arcades were at their peak or that I just like simple video games. Ironically, working in IT I really don’t play too many video games. I guess working with computers all day makes me want to avoid them during my off time. Arcade games are a bit of an exception to this. They are simple to play and also allow me to relive a bit of my childhood. Fortunately, Austin has a place called Pinballz where I can do just that, relive my childhood. They have a ton of video games and pinball machines. Victoria and I decided to visit and have a little fun.

Unlike the arcades of my childhood, this place puts an adult twist to it. They are BYOB!

Also in my childhood, wifi wasn’t a thing. While I didn’t find the password, it appears you can access wifi. Then again, why would you want to when there’s plenty of entertainment around?

I was ready to jump into playing the first games I saw, but I restrained myself. I did a quick walk around to scope out the place.

After the walk around I got a card to play games, as well as a cup full of tokens.

Victoria and I hit up a bunch of games. These are just a few of the games we played.

One game that was addictive was this fishing game. You could win so many tickets with it and it was cheap. I played it a ton and got a bunch of tickets!

I actually played it so much, I blistered my hand.

I took my blistered hand over to the ticket counter and fed them through. I had a few receipts from before, so I then took them to the prize counter. Victoria and I both decided to get some candy.

Pinballz is a lot of fun to visit. I played a ton of different games and relived my childhood a little bit. At the end of the night, I had enough tickets to get some candy and a blister on my hand to remind me how hard I played. I’ll have to callus my hand up a little more for round 2!