A Treacherous Drive Back to Austin

After spending the weekend in DFW, it was time to head back to Austin. Prior to leaving, I checked the weather. It looked pretty nasty. The Northeast was getting slammed with Winter Storm Mateo, and there was a bunch of ice in our area. Ironically, one of my favorite salsas is called Mateo's. I found it ironic because some of the flavors can pack a bunch of heat. A winter storm is the opposite of that!

We topped off with gas and then hit the road. It was cloudy, and there were winter weather advisories out. We knew we'd run into some bad road conditions.

There were signs that they were prepping the roads for the winter weather. We also passed a few of those trucks.

Lucky they were preparing the roads. As time went on, they got wetter and wetter. Eventually, that water turned into ice. There was also snow on the side of the road. This was definitely going to test Victoria's winter driving skills. At least the preparation on the road helped a ton! The other drivers were also cautious, and things went slow (or very slow at times).

We did a quick pit stop at Slovacek's. Victoria's car was dirty from all the slush on the road.

After leaving Slovacek's, the roads had less ice. As time went on, they became drier. By the time we hit Austin, we could see blue skies. Victoria decided to get a car wash right away.

All in all, we made it home fine. Victoria did a great job with her winter driving skills. It definitely took a lot longer to get back to Austin, but it was nice to be back. Just as I've discovered in the past on how much weather can change in a cross Texas drive, this was no different. We went from cloudy, snowy, and icy to dry roads and clear blue skies.

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