Thanksgiving at Threadgills Austin, TX

For Thanksgiving, Victoria's dad was in town from Colorado.

When he lived in Austin, a tradition he had was going to Threadgill's for Thanksgiving lunch.

Threadgill's is an Austin institution with a storied history, especially the location on Lamar Street, which was originally a Gulf gas station and quintessential Texas beer joint.

Many musicians, including Janis Joplin, passed through its doors. While the current owner is not a member of the Threadgill family, the legacy of this Austin institution lives on while serving down-home Southern food.

At the suggestion of Victoria's dad, we got there over half an hour before it opened. He said the lines start forming fast. This did allow me to walk around and get some good pictures of the outside. I did find out he was absolutely correct in this, and by the time I made it back to where they were waiting in line, a bunch more people had showed up and continued to show up.

I was happy they had wifi, which was useful while standing in line.

The doors finally opened, and we were seated at a table. Just like Chicken Oil, Threadgill's has a very unique feel to the inside and also was a gas station at one time.

We sat down at the table, and I got the holiday menu to look through.

The table had the condiments you'd expect from a Southern-style restaurant.

Of course, you need to have cornbread with your meal.

Being Thanksgiving, I had to get the turkey meal. The green bean casserole and mashed potatoes made it complete. It definitely hit the spot and was really good!

I can see with the good food why this place is in demand and am glad we got there early. Once the doors opened, we got a table, but I see a lot of people had to wait. I think I might have to come back here to eat sometime during a non-holiday time and report back on some of the other food. I hear their chicken fried steaks are out of this world!

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