A Texas Style Engagement Celebration

After postponing getting food so I could propose to Victoria, we were hungry. Proposing at The Alamo is probably one of the most Texas things you can do, so we decided to celebrate Texas-style. Our first stop was to the Whataburger we passed up on the way.

I decided to do the Texas thing and get some Dr. Pepper.

We got our number and then waited at the table for the food to arrive.

Victoria showed off her ring with her Whataburger cup.

Soon after, we headed down to The Riverwalk.

We stopped at a CVS and each got a drink and some caramel M&M’s. We decided we’d walk back to the hotel and enjoy it there.

Keeping with the Texas theme, I got a Lone Star. We sat on the balcony and enjoyed our drinks.

Now they do say everything is bigger in Texas, but I can’t really say our celebration was some big spectacle. It was nice and low key, but a great way to quickly celebrate our engagement before we had to go to the Christmas party.

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