Fiancee's Christmas Party in San Antonio

Victoria’s company has their Christmas party in two different places that alternate every other year. One year it is in Austin at the Salt Lick. The other year it is in San Antonio at the Hilton Palacio del Rio on The Riverwalk. I have attended both and blogged about the San Antonio one we took in 2015.

With this trip, I knew it would be perfect to get Victoria to The Alamo, and then propose to her in the same spot our first date ended up at with the custom ring I had made for her. Before we left, I made sure to put the ring in my pocket.

We got in the car and took a little pitstop at Flyrite to have breakfast.

After eating, it was off to San Antonio. Of course you can’t drive through Austin without some sort of traffic.

It was also pretty windy that day.

Before you knew it, we were in San Antonio and I saw signs for The Alamo.

We made it downtown and then to our hotel and then parked and got things in the room.

In the meantime of the party, I was able to pull off my proposal and thankfully she said yes. We had a little Texas-style celebration and then headed to the actual Christmas party. The food was excellent there! I made sure to load up on salmon, beef, and chicken.

After the official party, we hit The Riverwalk for the “second party.” This ended up being at Kremlin. When we first walked to Kremlin, The Riverwalk was crowded.

Afterwards, it was not crowded anymore and it was a nice and peaceful walk.

We ended up getting back to the hotel a little after 1am. We only had 2 drinks while we were out, so the next morning was a pleasant hangover free experience. We walked to the parking garage and got the car.

On the way back, we decided to get brunch at Zaxby’s. This definitely hit the spot! It’s been a while since I’ve been to one and I forgot how good their food is.

After Zaxby’s, it was a quick drive back to Austin.

Later that night, we decided to go to one of our favorite places to eat, Dos Batos. I ordered a taco and saw they had a new thing on the menu. It was soup and it was great! It basically tasted like homemade chicken noodle soup with rice instead of noodles and a Mexican twist to it.

This year’s Christmas party for Victoria’s company was great. Instead of calling it “Girlfriend’s Christmas Party” like I did in 2015, I got to propose and upgrade Victoria to my fiancee. I’m definitely happy it all worked out and this is a Christmas party I will remember forever!

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