An Impulsive First Date to the Alamo

So as backstory on why The Alamo has significance between Victoria and I, you can go back to our first date. We had originally planned to just meet at Starbucks and then go from there. We had a great conversation and ended up closing the place down at 9PM. We had talked about how I liked to travel and I really didn't want the date to end so before we went to the parking lot I suggested we go on a road trip.

Victoria was rightfully skeptical at first and I mentioned nothing overnight, just a trip to the Alamo. She agreed and we went into my car. Looking back she thinks was a very stupid decision and many others agree, but it all worked out.

I parked the car in a lot and we sat down on the ledge by The Alamo. We continued talking and it was there we had our first kiss. After realizing it was late, we headed back to my car and then drove back to Austin, where I dropped her off at her car in the Starbucks parking lot.

The funny thing is, for Victoria this was completely out of the ordinary. For me, it was another day in random road trips. I'm really happy I didn't scare Victoria away and she is now a keeper forever.

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