Texas A&M vs New Mexico Game

I always love blowout games. Well, I guess only when the team I’m cheering for is doing the blowing out. In the case of the Texas A&M Aggies vs. New Mexico Lobos I was cheering for the Aggies, who ultimately did the blowing out of the Lobos. Victoria was able to score free tickets to this non-conference game, so the morning of the game we hit the road and headed to College Station.

The nice thing about Texas A&M games is the free parking and bus service that will take you to the game. This was another thing that added to the free part of this game. We did our brief walk around the campus and then headed to the Dixie Chicken, Antonio's Pizza, and a tailgate before taking another bus and then heading to Kyle Field.

We walked around Kyle field a bit before the game. Victoria was really happy.

We then got our tickets and headed to the gate.

Once we were in the stadium, it was a walk through a tunnel and off to some pretty good seats.

We made it there before a bunch of people did, but that was good because we got to watch the Aggies come out on the field and warm up.

Soon after, the Yell Leaders started leading a yell.

Eventually the Aggies took the field.

Don’t forget about the Aggie War Hymn. You can tell the Texas A&M vs. University of Texas (UT) rivalry is alive and well when there is literally a sawing motion of cutting UT’s mascot’s horns off.

Before we know it the game was under way.

Like I said the game was a blowout. This was the extra point of one of many touchdowns.

When on defense, the stadium gets LOUD.

The weather was great during the game, but it was still important to be hydrated. I can’t image when it is over 100 there. At least there was good cup holders on the chairs.

Halftime was coming on us fast. The band started making their way down to the field.

We beat the rush and got some food. The chicken strips were really good!

The game was already a blowout.

The band was all ready to play and they put on a heck of a halftime show.

After the halftime show, the teams took the field again. I start noticing these lights coming from the upper deck of the stadium. It looks like people were using their cell phones to do this.

Before you knew it, it was monkey see, monkey do and everything was doing it. As the blowout continued, the stadium started to empty. People may have been leaving, but we were there to stay until the end.

Towards the end, the freshman Corps of Cadets made their way onto the field.

The end of the game came shortly after and the canon that went off. The canon also goes off after every touchdown (and it went off many times this game). The Corps of Cadets rushed the field to participate in another Aggie tradition of tackling the Yell Leaders.

The game was a complete blowout!

We made our way out of the stadium through the crowds and back to the area where there was the scoreboard by Reveilles’ graves. I’m sure they would have all been proud.

Going to this game was a lot of fun. I’m glad Victoria was able to score some free tickets and we got to see the Aggies blow the heck out of New Mexico. Now if only the Packers could play their games as well as this one, but that’s a different story!

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