Austin Area Bloggers Meetup Photo Walk

One meetup I frequent is the Austin Area Bloggers. I regularly go to several blogging meetups, but this was the first one I started attending. For this month's meetup, we did a photo walk just south of the Colorado River to practice our photography skills. We all met up at Zax Restaurant.

At the intersection of W. Riverside and S. Congress, we got so caught up in talking about taking photos, we missed our signal to walk once or twice.

Here is a view from the middle of the intersection.

As we kept walking, I saw what appeared to be a former strip club. I was told it went from women to men back to women and then closed. It looks like it might have been closed for a while.

This part of the city must have seen its better days as there was a closed convenience store a little bit down the road.

We then walked over to the walking trail by the river. You could see the city through the trees.

Christian decided to hang from one of those trees.

Here is another view of the city through the trees.

There were a ton of people hanging around the Congress Ave. bridge. They were most likely waiting for the bats to come out.

Talking about bats, there was a warning not to handle any bats on the ground.

Further on, I took a picture of Joey taking a picture of Lisa taking a picture of the city.

I also took my own picture of the city in that area.

We walked past the water bikes that were for rent.

Joey was getting some more pictures in.

The next bridge we went under was by Butler Park. With all the rain we have been getting lately, this sign is definitely relevant.

Around this area was a Stevie Ray Vaughn statue. I was told that the flooding in that area a few days prior got to the point that the water was up to Stevie's feet and it looked like he was walking on water. Obviously, the water subsided a bit when I took this picture.

Here is Butler Park.

This view is from the city from Butler Park. As you can tell, there's a lot of construction going on in this booming city.

We walked up a big hill to get some better shots of the city.

By then, the sun was starting to set on the city.

There were a bunch of people who rode bikes on the trail that wrapped around the hill. A lot of them must have been visiting the United States because they were speaking some language other than English.

In the meantime, it was getting darker. Joey, Christian, and Lisa were looking over some selfies that Lisa had taken.

We decided to venture back over in the direction of Zax. I shot this last picture of the city by The Longer Center for the Performing Arts.

After that, it was starting to get late and we walked back to where we all were parked. A couple of us stopped by Hooters and grabbed a bite to eat. It was definitely an enjoyable night out and was fun to take pictures for my blog with other local bloggers.

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