July 25: A Final Day to Rest and Get Organized

One thing I’m finding is the drive between Texas and Wisconsin is brutal. The more time goes on and the more I do it, the worse it seems. After doing this drive, I was tired. I know this is always going to be the case, so I plan for an extra day that I can relax when I get back and make sure I’m rested up when going to work. That extra day is also convenient in the case you end up breaking down.

After sleeping in, the first thing I did was move the 2007 Focus out of my garage and put the 2017 back in the garage.

I then made the hot sauce shelf of my pantry much fuller.

I started organizing everything and generally getting everything in order after being off a month. I was dreading going back to work, but who doesn’t. At least I had an extra day to rest and get everything in order before I got to the order of the dreaded daily routine.

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