July 23 & 24: Back to The Oven Marshfield to Austin

Driving from Marshfield to Austin is always a long drive. Often times, I like to stop at a rest stop and get some sleep after I have driven the majority of the drive. Every once and a while I can drive it straight through, but it's hard to drive 18-20 hours straight. This time of year, I knew once I hit somewhere around Kansas, it would be too hot to comfortably sleep in the car, so I headed out Sunday night. I was hoping time to sleep would be somewhere in Iowa and Missouri and the temperatures would be reasonable.

It was cool in Wisconsin.

The projected temps in Austin weren't so cool.

As I drove, I got to watch the sunset in Minnesota.

I made it to a rest stop in Iowa, not too far from the Missouri line. That's where I decided to stop for the night. It was definitely cool enough to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and posted my blog entry. It was already starting to warm up.

Throughout the day, I slowly watched the temperature climb the further south I went.

When I hit Texas, I stopped at Buc-ee's and got some BBQ and taffy,

You can't drive in Texas without a traffic jam! That's what I got in the DFW area.

As it started to get dark, I actually saw the temps finally start to go down! This definitely was an improvement, but still a bit warm to sleep comfortably in the car with.

As always with this drive, I was happy to get off the road. I knew there would be a lot of adjusting to the temperatures, as I was up North for a month and it was around 20-30 degrees cooler. I guess air conditioning was going to be my friend.

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