July 17 Through 22: Relaxing in Marshfield

After driving back to Marshfield from RockUSA, it was time to get things in order. On Monday, I first slept in to catch up on sleep, but then pitched my tent outside to let it fully dry out since it was still a bit wet from the rainfall of the last day at RockUSA.

Since I was on the road for 2 weeks in a row, and at RockUSA I wore the same clothes the whole time, I had a lot of dirty laundry, including some really dirty pants.

I did my laundry and Jordy kept me company.

On Tuesday, I was happy I had my tent dry out the day before because the radar showed a lot of rain coming.

The storm passed through fast and then it was sunny again.

Jordy wasn’t too phased by the storms.

On Wednesday, I headed into town and got some China Chef with Jake.

Later I met up with Nick aka “Rufie.” He had just got a different truck he could go snow plowing with.

When I was done talking to Nick, I got my Cougar out and took a road trip to Stevens Point to burn off the old gas in it. The next day, I just hung out a bit and started sorting through the pictures I had taken so far for this blog.

On Friday, I went to Wausau, where Jake is currently living. He threw a little party for his wedding party so everyone could get to know each other. Of course it rained a bit.

After things cleared up a bit, we started a fire and also played a few drinking games.

The party was a lot of fun. I crashed by Jake’s for the night and then drove back to my parent’s house the next day. We decided to get some food at Lindsey Bar and Grill. They definitely have good pizza and cheese curds!

After that, I went into town to my class reunion. We met at the Brewpub and then had the after party at Nutz Deep. Unlike the night before where I didn’t have to drive, I had to drive this time, so I stayed sober. I still had a fun time and it was nice not being hung over the next day.

On Sunday, I had to get ready to head back to Texas. I filled up my car. I was on pump 7 and it literally clicked off at 7.777 gallons.

I then got the most expensive wash in the Lava Wash. I wanted to make sure my car was clean from all the driving I did prior.

The week itself went fast. It was nice just hanging around Marshfield pretty much the whole time except for when I went to Wausau. I made sure to visit family as much as possible and it was just relaxing overall. I had a great time partying in Wausau and also catching up with old classmates at my 10 year class reunion. I’ll have to plan another trip to Marshfield and just hang out and relax in the near future.

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