Taking Out and Putting Away The Cougar 2017

The last time I visited Wisconsin this year, there was snow and I couldn’t get the Cougar out. This time, there wasn’t any snow (There’d be some kind of record if there was in July), so I was able to take the Cougar out like I did the year before.

I just cruised around a took a few pictures of the car.

Because the car was sitting, I decided to take a drive to Cousin’s Subs in Stevens Point to burn the tank of fuel out.

I then filled the car up and took it through the Lava Wash. It did a heck of a job and the car even shined in the garage.

I got back in the nick of time. There were some storms coming and we did get some rain.

I let the car sit overnight to cool and then got it ready for winter the next day. I removed the battery and then setup dryer sheets and mouse traps to keep away the mice. After that, I covered the car up.

I do love this car, and while it would be nice to bring it to Texas, I’m not risking it with the horrible drivers and horrible roads. This is a treat I get to have when I go to Wisconsin and I’m glad this time I was able to take it out on my last visit. I did only drive it about 150-200 miles, but overall it was great the time in those limited amount of miles. I'm happy it’s protected and stored in a safe place. I’ll continue to be able to enjoy it for years to come!

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