July 16: After Almost Two Weeks on the Road Back to Marshfield

As I said on one of the previous days at RockUSA insert link, the side roads to the campsites at RockUSA were crappy and would turn into mud and ruts if there was any rain. This is exactly what happened after the strong rainstorm we had insert link.

The main roads themselves didn’t look too bad, but then again they put gravel and stuff down to make them better.

I had woken up a bit earlier than everyone else, so I started to clean up the campsite. We had a little mess, but it wasn’t too bad overall. My chair also took a beating so that went into the garbage.

I could see some people were already having major difficulties getting out of their campsites. Kevin and Brett didn’t have too many issues with their Subarus and getting out of the mud. When I jumped in with Kevin, it definitely was a muddy drive, even on some of the main roads.

His car got a bit muddy.

We headed to Two Brother’s Restaurant insert link and then had breakfast. After that we went to Kevin’s house. I loaded my stuff into my car and then I was on the road back to Marshfield. I could tell I was driving in Wisconsin when I saw signs for free liquor.

Ironically, Slayer and Megadeth played back-to-back on XM radio.

I finally got home and took a much needed shower. It was nice to feel clean and also get in some clean clothes. It was also nice looking forward to sleeping in an actual bedroom, considering I had either been living out of my car or in a tent the last week. The week before that also had a lot of driving and hitting up Thunder Bay hard. I’d be able to relax a bit and take things at a slower pace.

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