July 15: RockUSA 2017 Day 3

As with day 1 and day 2 of RockUSA, I was the first one up. I took this as another opportunity to walk around the campground.

When I came back, I realized we drank a lot of beer, judging by the empties.

I also saw the troll bridge right next to our campsite took a major beating.

With the garbage piling up around the area, I see the birds took it as a perfect opportunity to enjoy a buffet.

We enjoyed putting Yellowbird Hot Sauce on everything, including Doritos.

As time went on, it started to cloud up and the birds got crazier.

After avoiding the birds, we made our way to the concert. I got some Mac & Cheese from one of the vendors.

The skies were sunny for a while, but soon started to cloud up. There was some heavy storms on the radar. The clouds did look cool for a while.

It was cool seeing the clouds, but it soon turned to rain and it rained hard! I spent a bunch of time under the beer tent waiting out the storm. I guess just like I had to do at Bluesfest.

Most of the people went home, but the rain stopped for Slayer. There were puddles everywhere, but I found a bit of a dry spot and Slayer slayed it!

The lineup for the day was:

10:45pm- Slayer

8:45pm- Stone Sour

6:45pm- Lamb of God

5:15pm- Anthrax

3:45pm- Suicide Silence

2:30pm- White Chapel

1:15pm- Code Orange

12:00pm- The Color Morale

For today's line, I made it in time for Anthrax. They put on a good show. I'm not too much of a Lamb of God fan, but it was cool listening to them. Stone Sour was good and it was surprised they let them play as long as they did with the rain. It absolutely poured during their set, but it made it super cool to listen to (from the beer tent). When everything cleared up. Slayer put on an amazing show. I was happy I was one of the few people left that braved the major puddles.

After partying for 3 days and how many other days on the road, I was exhausted. Those other guys went off and jumped between campsites and I sat around the fire with another guy from our group and just chilled out. I think I was to bed before midnight. 3 days of camping out, drinking, and rocking out after you've been on the road for how long definitely takes its toll on you. Damn, I'm getting old!

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