July 14: RockUSA 2017 Day 2

As with the day before, I was the first one up. While everyone slept, I decided to take a walk around the campground.

I walked over to the showers to see how much they wanted. $6 for a cold shower or $10 for maybe a warm shower was a rip-off in my opinion. I guess I wasn’t going to shower for a while!

Next, I went to the camp store to see what they had to offer.

It was my turn to buy ice, so that’s what I did.

I carried the ice back to the campsite and then filled up the cooler while the other guys slept. I hung out and looked at the clouds building up.

Everyone started getting up and we made our way to the concert grounds.

Of course, you had to have at least one person walking around festival grounds (You can read my opinions in part 1 and part 2 on what I think about that flag).

For every person, there’s someone actually supporting their country and doing it in a more festive manner. This guy was pretty funny. I went to get a candid picture, and he noticed and was like, “Don’t be shy, grab a quick picture!”

After walking around, I drank a few more beers and watched the shows, as well as got some Island Noodles.

The following was the day’s lineup:

10:45pm- Ozzy Osbourne

8:45pm- Volbeat

6:45pm- The Pretty Reckless

5:15pm- Hellyeah

3:45pm- Candlebox

2:30pm- We Came As Romans

1:15pm- Kyng

12:00pm- City of the Weak

I didn’t actually get to the festival grounds until Candlebox. They put on a good show and so did Hellyeah. The Pretty Reckless was alright, but I never heard of them before, so I wasn’t really into their music. Volbeat put on an amazing show. It was awesome seeing Ozzy, but he was definitely out of it. I think he was even forgetting what songs he was supposed to sing, and Zakk Wylde (who this was the first time they played together in forever) had to occasionally go up to him between songs and appeared to be telling him the next song. I did love listening to Ozzy growing up, and this was a big reason I went to RockUSA, but you could definitely tell he was way past his prime (but it was still awesome to see regardless).

As with the night before, I was exhausted after the concerts. I partied a little bit and then got to bed. It was definitely cool seeing the bands, especially Ozzy. Even though Ozzy didn’t put on the greatest show, it was still amazing being able to say I finally saw him!

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