Getting Provisions for RockUSA Setting Up Camp and the Pre-Party

To camp out for 3 days at a music festival, you need supplies. That’s exactly what we got when we packed in Kevin’s car and headed to Walmart.

After getting supplies, we headed to Qdoba to get a quick meal. We then went back to Kevin’s to load the rest of our stuff up. This was my stuff.

Kevin also gave us our passes for the festival and camping.

We were soon off to the festival. We saw signs for camping right next to the Kwik Trip, but stopped at Kwik Trip as a detour for some ice.

After getting ice, we found ourselves waiting in a line and looking at the people who were smart and got there before us.

After a little wait, we finally got our passes!

We had a drive a ways back, but we finally made it to the crappy dirt road that took us to our campsite. One thing I don’t get about RockUSA is every time they have these crappy dirt roads that end up turning into muddy ruts due to rain. In many ways I’m happy I wasn’t driving my new car. At least they’ve made the main roads gravel, but there’s still a lot of work to do for the side roads actually going to campsites.

After making it through the ruts and parking the car, we cracked some beers (the first one I got from the LCBO and second one Beer Store when I was up in Ontario) and then set our campsite up.

The clouds looked kind of threatening and I was figuring we’d get some hard rain like they did in Kenosha, but it didn’t rain and the sunset itself was pretty nice.

We set up fast and then got to partying.

We decided to make a pizza over the fire with tinfoil. It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would!

The pizza was gone fast and then we decided to walk around and party with some of the other people who were also camping the night before RockUSA started. Many people had bars setup at their campsites along with games and other things. Many campsites were all out parties and we did things like shots of apple pie or jello shots. This night was probably the hardest night I partied the whole time there!

In the end, we partied until the wee hours of the morning and then passed out to get some sleep. I can tell you it was a great time and I was happy we set up camp a day early before the actual festival started.

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