July 12: Michigan to Oshkosh

I woke up in the morning to a nice sunrise at the rest stop I had slept at.

I know the sun wasn’t going to last for long, as there was a bunch of rain on the radar.

As I got closer to Chicago, the clouds started to get darker. By the time I was in Chicago, it was pouring. This made for a hectic drive.

After fighting the rain, I stopped at this big travel plaza and tried some Middle Eastern food. It was good!

The travel plaza had some of the slowest internet I’ve seen that actually could still do a speed test without timing out.

After eating, I headed to the Wisconsin border. Like the day before, I was on a quest to hit up every Great Lake. The last Great Lake I had was Michigan, so I stopped by Southport Park in Kenosha. I spent a little time there and then headed back to the interstate. I had to pass through some flooding and drive through the water to get on the interstate.

From there, I headed to my buddy Kevin’s place by Oshkosh. I made it right before he got done with work, so I was able to get a few things organized while I waited for him. By the time he came home, I was pretty much all ready to go to RockUSA. Since I was on the road for a couple of days and sleeping in my car, I was in much need of a shower. I quick hopped in the shower and in the meantime everyone else showed up.

I was actually happy I’d be able to be off the road for a few days and also be able to listen to some more good music. With the third day of long driving and all the rain, it was very eventful and tiring. Having some time to take a break from it was definitely going to be good.

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