Bluesfest Day 3

Bluesfest Day 2 started off with rain, Bluefest Day 3 started off with a train blocking the entrance for over half an hour. Because it took so long, the crowds started to build and actually cheered after it was finally done. I was able to pass the time by talking to the cops that were making sure people stayed off the tracks. They had actually heard about my blog entry where I rode along with the Thunder Bay Police. It was cool talking to them in the meantime and also learning a few more things about Canadian law enforcement.

The crazy thing is there was not 1 train, but 2 trains going on each of the tracks.

After a long wait, I was finally able to get in and walk around.

Ryan was with me so we went to the beer tent. I was planning on staying sober that night, so I drank the free soda they had. The great thing about Bluefest is they had free soda, water, and wifi.

While it wasn't raining when I got there, the clouds got threatening.

Before I knew it, I was under the beer tent again (along with many other people), because it was pouring.

The storm finally passed, and there was a cool rainbow.

The bands continued to play during that time. I guess their canopy over the stage served them well.

In the meantime, I was getting hungry, so I got some perogies.

I went to the Pier Bar with Ryan, and of course, when we got back, there was yet another train blocking the entrance.

The bands before Randy Bachman were good, but he also put on a good show. I did a lap around to get a good pic of him.

The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive are also some of my favorite bands. The first time I went to Winnipeg I actually told the border guards the reason I was visiting Winnipeg was the fact that The Guess Who was from there (and yes, this got me pulled into secondary questioning). I had seen the current lineup at the Marshfield Fair before that, but Randy Bachman wasn't part of it. It was great actually being able to see him in concert, and he played a lot of my favorite Guess Who and BTO tunes.

After the concert was done, it was a bit of a cold and foggy night. Everyone scurried out of the festival grounds really fast, and it was definitely a mass migration of people out (at least there wasn't a train blocking everyone this time).

This was the last night of Bluesfest. The festival itself was great, and I think I might have to make this a regular thing if they continue to have good lineups. It was awesome seeing the Barenaked Ladies and Randy Bachman. Even the bands I never heard of were really good!

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