July 9: A Third Day of Exploring Thunder Bay

For my third day of Thunder Bay, I wanted to have breakfast at The Hoito, but they ultimately were too busy and I went to Intercity Shopping Centre and ate at the food court there. After eating, I hit up Shoppers Drug Mart to buy some toothpaste and razors. Then I headed to Real Canadian Superstore for some ketchup chips, a candy bar, and bottled coffee.

For Bluefest, I decided to stay sober for the night so I could get up early and not be hungover. The next day I'd drive as much as I can to get as close as I could to Toronto. I first picked Ryan up and then I parked the car in the parking garage downtown. Compared to Austin, they have cheap rates!

For the most part, we just went to Bluefest and then The Pier once or twice between sets. I drank soda or water the whole time and just relaxed during my last night in Thunder Bay. The weather did turn out to be a bit interesting, and it did rain hard for a while. Luckily, by the time Randy Bachman came on stage, it was just a bit chilly and the rain was gone. He put on a good show, and I was happy to see him.

After the show was done, I walked back to my car and then dropped Ryan off at Pier again. I headed back to the hotel and then got as much sleep as I could get. The following are some pictures I took during this day while walking around.

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