Bluesfest Day 2

Bluesfest day 2 started off really rainy.

While it rained, I decided to take refuge under the beer tent.

A lot of other people had that same idea.

After the rain cleared, I decided to walk around a bit. One thing I noticed at this festival is the cleaning staff was really on top of things. The porta-potties were very clean, and I rarely saw garbage on the ground. It seemed like they were actively cleaning everything as the concert went on (as well as people, in general, appeared to just throw their trash in the bins and not litter all over the place).

Just like on day one, the bands that played were pretty good. The only band I heard of was the Barenaked Ladies, but the rest of the bands played well. They even kept playing while the clouds became threatening again.

After a while, the clouds started to clear up and we could see blue sky again!

For the most part, the clouds didn't look too threatening after the first downpour, but they would come and go. It made for an awesome sunset over Lake Superior!

I was hanging with Ryan, and I found out his friend had got there super early and reserved some seats in the second row of non-VIP. His friend's girlfriend had left so there was some room for us to stand up there. This really made my day because the Barenaked Ladies were one of my favorite bands growing up, and the Stunt album was one of the first CDs I owned. It was amazing to be this close to seeing them!

The Barenaked Ladies put on a great concert and I was glad I got the chance to see them so close. If I could tell my 6th grade self I actually got to see them in concert and not just listen to Stunt a thousand times, I think he would be proud. I definitely had a good time on this day of Bluesfest!

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