July 4: An Oil Change and a Drive to Minneapolis

July 4th, a day supposed to be beaming with fireworks and partying, was pretty uneventful for us. I woke up and changed oil on my Focus. After that, Victoria and I decided to visit both of my grandmas and then come out to my parent’s to eat dinner.

After dinner, we visited a little bit and then were on our way to Minneapolis. This would be the end of Victoria’s Wisconsin trip, as she would be flying back to Austin in the morning, and it would be the start of my 3000+ mile Canada trip, as I was slated to drive to Winnipeg in the morning.

We drove to Bloomington and then stayed at the La Quinta Inn Minneapolis Airport. We talked a little bit, knowing the next day we wouldn’t see each other for 3 weeks, and then turned off the lights and went to bed. Like I said, this day wasn’t super eventful, but we did cover a decent amount of miles when everything was said and done.

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