July 2: Hitting Up Marshfield

After our drive to Marshfield, I was planning to show Victoria what it was like there in the summer, especially since the temperatures meant you didn’t sweat a ton while being outside. We decided to go into town in the morning and hit up Perkins for breakfast. Once we were done eating, we went back to my parent’s house and visited a while.

After visiting a while, I loaded up the car with the Cougar’s battery and other things to get the Cougar going. It was a bit stubborn starting, and my dad had to come in and help me get it going. Eventually, the engine roared to life, and we were able to hit the road. By then, it was lunchtime, so we stopped by Chip’s Hamburgers.

Once I had my Champ burger and cheese curds, I drove to Stratford to check out the place I bought the Cougar, Kuyoth’s Klassics. Many of the cars weren’t out (most likely due to the constant rain this year), but it was still nice seeing what he did have out on the lot. I then roared back to Marshfield and made sure to visit with both of my grandmas.

Later that night, we relaxed at my parent’s house again and sat by the fire.

We got to bed halfway early knowing the next day would have a lot more exploring to do.

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