June 29 & 30 & July 1: Up to Lower Temperatures Texas to Wisconsin and a Wedding

I was really looking forward to taking pretty much the whole month of July off. Not only did I have a lot of stuff planned, but I knew the temperatures were going to be reasonable. This time of year in Texas, it’s blazing hot and when we left on June 29, that day was no exception.

For a short while, the temps even exceeded 102!

The goal was to get up to Wisconsin as fast as possible. Victoria was with me and suggested we stop before Fort Worth. I topped the car off with gas and then we had some quick bite at Burger King before hitting the road.

That night we made it up to Guthrie, Oklahoma. We stayed at the same La Quinta that we stayed at when we came up for Christmas. The next morning, it was kind of rainy, but at least the temperatures dropped.

We hit the road, and it did seem to clear up a bit. We ended up passing this Hard Rock Cafe truck that we had seen earlier in North Texas. I guess he was headed the same way we were and must have stopped somewhere around where we did.

We may have missed the rain, but they must have got hit hard in Missouri since there was a lot of flooding in the fields.

Another pit stop we made was at a Casey’s gas station. They have good pizza, and this one had a nice scenic view at one of the tables inside the station.

The rest of the driving was smooth and clear for the most part. The clouds did start to look threatening in Wisconsin.

The weather itself wasn’t too bad, and we made it to my parents fine. I forgot to take a picture of the temperature, but it was much cooler in the high 70’s. High 70’s was a lot warmer than the last time we visited for Christmas, and I’m sure Victoria enjoyed the summertime temperatures way more than wintertime ones.

My parents did leave us a little note on the bear they have out front when we arrived on Friday (June 30).

The next day on July 1, we went to my buddy Chad’s wedding. I have known Chad since middle school and actually crashed on his and his bride Karlene’s couch when I first moved to Austin. He had moved to Austin prior to me and was one of the main reasons I decided to move to Austin in the first place. In the meantime, him and Karlene had moved back to Wisconsin, but I am currently still down in Austin. I was happy I was able to attend his wedding.

I didn’t take many pictures of the wedding, but it was a great time. I had to drive, so I stayed sober. After the Grand March, Victoria and I decided to go out by my parents at a pre-4th of July party they were at. I wish I would have taken some video because it was the best private fireworks show I’ve ever seen. It actually rivaled that of what a lot of small towns would put on.

Overall, the weather in Wisconsin was great (minus a little rain shower during the wedding), especially compared to 102 that we left in Texas a couple of days prior. The wedding was a ton of fun, and we got to see an amazing fireworks show. It was definitely a fun day in Wisconsin, especially after a long drive all the way from Texas.

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