After we cleared the border from our trip to Thunder Bay, we drove back to Duluth. By the time I got back to Duluth, I was running on fumes from the 2 hours of sleep I got in the Walmart parking lot. We went back to Bob’s place to relax a bit. Bob lives in an old firehouse that was converted into apartments so the building is pretty cool.

He also has an awesome view of Lake Superior.

After a while of relaxing, we decided to go to the mall for a little bit and then Walmart to get the ingredients to make our own homemade Poutine. It didn’t turn out too bad.

After we ate, we decided to go down to Canal Park and check out the scenery. The weather was turning bad and it was very foggy.

We were looking at the radar and we could see Superior was going to get hit hard. We decided to drive over to Superior. It did start to rain and eventually started to rain really hard.

When we got back into Duluth, we drove through the coordinated stop and go lights. I’ve never really seen them this coordinated before.

After that, it was time to crash. I was definitely ready for sleep and needed some quality sleep for the drive the next day to Texas.

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