Memorial Day Weekend in Colorado

For Memorial Day Weekend, Victoria and I decided to visit her dad in Aurora, Colorado. About 6 months ago, he relocated there from Austin for work. We knew it was going to be a long drive, especially for a 3 day weekend. Austin to Denver is 14 hours, so that's 4 hours less than driving from Austin to Marshfield.

After work on Friday, we headed to to Colorado. We were able to drive to Lubbock and decided to stay at a La Quinta there. After getting some sleep, we hit the road again and then drove the rest of the way. Just like when I go home and Jordy greets me, I got a nice greeting from Victoria's childhood dog, Mason.

For supper that night, we headed to Rosie's Diner. That place definitely takes you to a different era! After that, we went back to Victoria's dad's house and relaxed the rest of the night. We got a good night's sleep for the next day's exploring.

The next day, we first got breakfast at Village Inn. The smothered burrito I had hit the spot! After eating, it was off to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. I got a lot of exercise walking through this scenic place. I'll have to come sometime when there's a concert.

I continued to add more steps to the daily count when we decided to explore Downtown Denver. I really liked how clean and kept up Denver was. It is truly a beautiful city! During all this walking, we built up an appetite. The good smells and quirky appearance brought us in to Lucky Pie Pizza and Taphouse. You can never argue with pizza!

We went back to Victoria's dad's house for a while and hung out. Victoria and I decided to go to King's Soopers (the local grocery chain) and a local liquor store to see if we could find local products to bring back with us to Austin.

Once we had our coffee, salsa, hot sauce, and craft beer, we went back to Victoria's dad's place. By then it was supper time, so we headed to Legends of Aurora Sports Grill.

The next morning we said goodbye to Victoria's dad and headed back to Austin. We made sure to be as safe as possible in the New Mexico Safety Corridor. Once we got into Texas, I was feeling a bit tired, so I let Victoria drive a bit. I couldn't sleep but I did get a bit refreshed. I then took back over again and drove the rest of the way.

We were able to drive completely through and I was happy to get back to Austin. I had purposely taken the next day off to recover from the drive. Victoria only took a half day, so at least she was able to sleep in. All in all, we did cover a lot of ground in essentially a 3 day weekend. I definitely like Denver and Colorado in general. I think I will need to take another trip to explore some more!

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