Back to Lower Altitudes Colorado Back to Texas

After a nice visit with Victoria’s dad in Denver, it was time to go home. The morning started off at a cool 48 degrees.

We had left around 7am, so there was a decent amount of light, but the sun was still coming up in the mountains.

We decided to stop for gas and top off before it got to be desolate nothing New Mexico. There was a nice view of the mountains from the gas station.

After filling up, we were back on the road. The mountains would come and go. With them being so huge, they were a staple of our view, but obviously it depended on the angle and distance we were from them on how good the view actually was.

We finally made it to New Mexico! It was pretty much all downhill from here and the closer we got to Texas, the flatter it became.

Soon, we were back in Texas and the Central Time Zone, as well as a whole lot more of flat.

It definitely was a lot hotter.

The GPS unit took us a little bit different route than the way up. We ended up going through Amarillo. This route was still a lot of flat nothing.

You could tell this route was in the middle of nowhere and agriculture was king.

After passing the tractor, it was open roads again.

We did make it back to Brownwood, where I drove past Underwood’s Cafeteria. While I’ve been meaning to stop there, we ended up at Taco Bueno because we knew it would be fast.

After Taco Bueno, we were on the last leg of the drive. This would be entering Hill Country, which is definitely more scenic than flat West Texas. We also got to watch the sunset.

This drive went pretty smoothly overall. I drove most of it, but Victoria did drive a while while I gave myself a rest. It was nice to visit Colorado, but also nice to be back in Texas.

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