26 Miles for Justice: A Turned Impulsive Trip to Successfully Catch a Drunk Driver

This blog entry is going to be a little out of order, but I wanted to post it a bit more timely than my other blog entries. I was actually just looking to drive around and test my new GPS\Dash Cam. I decided to drive I35 south. Of course, there was a big traffic jam in Austin so we were stopped in stop and go traffic for a while. After we started moving again, I noticed this truck in front of me that was not able stay in his lane.

There were many people who had to either swerve or slam on their brakes to miss the person as they weaved all over the place. Realizing this person was drunk and was probably going to kill someone, I called 911. I first got the 911 dispatch in Austin. They took the information and then we hung up. As we started getting further way from the Austin metro area, the driver started to drive even worse.

At this time, I realized we were in Hays County and way far from Austin's jurisdiction. Victoria then called 911 and we got the Hays County dispatch, who then transferred us to the Kyle Police Department. This dispatcher stayed on the phone with Victoria for a good 10-15 minutes as Victoria continuously gave updates on our location.

Eventually, the dispatcher said they had an officer in the area and request we put on our hazards. I followed the drunk driver with my hazards on until the dispatcher told us to get into the right lane. Upon doing this, a cop shortly got behind the drunk.

Now I'm guessing the drunk saw the cop right on his tail, so that actually made them drive somewhat in a straight fashion. I was really hoping he'd cross a lane line just enough to give the cop a reason to pull him over. After a little bit of time, the cop got their reason and the lights came on. Sadly, it took the drunk another mile or two to actually pull over and the cop had to turn on the sirens to get their attention.

I'm sure this person was extremely drunk, but I'll let you decide. The following is a sped up incident of us following this driver for approximately 26 miles. The truck was a Chevy Silverado with a tall topper on it. It should be pretty apparent after watching a little bit of this sped up video:

If you read this blog any, you know I do tons of driving. I see dangerous drivers all the time and I have reported them in the past. I am glad the Kyle Police Department, along with the dispatcher who coordinated everything, was able to take this person off the road. They definitely did a great job!

It's kind of crazy to think we had followed this person for around 26 miles. I wonder where they were actually going and how much further they had to drive. Also, we got behind this person in a traffic jam in Austin. I wonder how long they were driving prior to us getting behind them. All I know is, this behavior is extremely dangerous and if anyone reading this blog sees a drunk driver or someone who is being a danger on the road, call 911 and report them immediately.

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