The Florida Leg of the Journey

After my drive from Wisconsin, I had finally made it to Florida. The original reason I was in Florida was for Victoria’s brother’s wedding. I decided to drive down a day early to meet up with my friend Mat. We were good friends in high school, and he was my locker partner during sophomore year. He moved down to Florida in the middle of that year, and I had only seen him once since when he visited Wisconsin. It would be good to see him again.

While driving in Florida, I saw signs for Daytona Beach. I thought I might get some good pictures at sunset, but I missed most of the sunset. The next day, I drove to Vero Beach, where Mat lives. He works at Best Buy, so I briefly stopped there to talk to him and also get a laptop case. While I was waiting for him to get done with work, I dropped by Jaycee Park to get some of my own blogging work done as I relaxed by the ocean.

When Mat got done with work, I picked him up and we headed to the Fort Pierce entertainment district. We planned to shop around for hotels that were close to the bars so we could go bar hopping. We ended up at the Beachfront Inn, which was the first hotel we stopped at.

After having a drink on the balcony, we walked over to the Fort Pierce Pier and checked things out. Soon after, we hit up the hotel bar to use the free drink ticket we got when we checked in. We were getting hungry, so we hit up Hurricane Grill and Wings for some supper.

After eating, we went back to the hotel bar. When they closed for the night, we headed to The Jetty and stayed there until bar close. It was definitely a fun night, and it was good to catch up. The next day, I dropped Mat back off at his house. I then headed across the state to Port Charlotte, where the wedding was to take place.

I checked in at the Hampton Inn and got a little sleep. Victoria was flying in later, so I then met up with her brother Michael and some other friends, and we played Cards Against Humanity at his house. Later that night, Victoria arrived with her mom.

The next day we headed to the wedding. After the wedding, we had a bit of an afterparty back at the hotel. The next day, pretty much everyone but Victoria, her mom, and me were heading back. We had a cookout at Michael’s house.

Later that day, we went and quickly checked out Charlotte Harbor. Upon finding there wasn’t much to do there, we headed over to Fisherman’s Village. We walked around a while and went into some cool shops. This is a place I definitely need to hit up again!

For supper, we decided to get some coal-fired pizza at Bocca Lupo. This pizza was definitely a good choice and hit the spot. We soon realized it was getting late and we’d have to be up early in the morning for Victoria and her mom to fly out and for me to drive back. We said our goodbyes to Michael and Kayleigh and headed back to the hotel.

This trip to Florida was a lot of fun. I only have about 10 states that I have not been to, and Florida was on that list. It was cool getting to visit the state and check things out. It was also my first time on the ocean itself. I know Lake Superior can seem like an ocean, but there is definitely a difference. I did really like Florida, and I know I want to get back there and check some more things out.

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