A Florida Wedding

Just like I wrote about a Wisconsin wedding and also a Texas wedding, I guess I got to experience a Florida wedding. Now, this wedding wasn't meant to represent what would be a traditional wedding, but I think they pulled it off pretty well. Victoria's brother Michael was getting married to his longtime girlfriend Kayleigh. This was actually the primary reason I was in Florida in the first place.

The wedding and reception were hosted in the same event center room.

Of course, there's always a mishap or two. This one involved some spilt beans in the back of Michael's car.

There was plenty of food anyway.

One tradition that Adina brought from her family weddings was to pass around the bottle.

So we passed around the bottle (I also took a drink but I'm not the drinking while selfie sort of guy).

On the table, there was champaign ready for the toast.

Soon, the marriage officiant was waiting.

Mike and Kayleigh proceeded to come out.

They eventually proceeded to say their vows.

And here's the happy couple!

They did the first dances right away. Michael was able to dance with his mom.

After that, it was time for a toast!

Adina and Michael have known each other since birth and are very close friends. She gave a nice speech to the happy couple.

After Adina, it was Victoria's turn.

There were a few other speeches by Kayleigh's family and then it was time to eat.

After some drinking and dancing, we planned to have a little after party at the hotel. I stopped by the liquor store, which was right next to the event hall and got some Wicked Dolphin rum. It was made right there in Florida.

I also got some Old Grand Dad Whiskey, but I still had a bunch of beer leftover from Wisconsin. I never tapped into the whiskey.

We all went by the pool of the hotel and had a few drinks. A raccoon decided to grace us with its presence.

The whole day was a lot of fun. The wedding itself was pulled off well and Victoria actually got me out to dance in my super uncoordinated fashion. The afterparty at the hotel was relaxing and I see the wildlife was tame around there. I definitely enjoyed being in Florida and I wish a bright future to the happy couple, Mike and Kayleigh!

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